Sunday, December 16, 2012

And Then I Neglected to Update My Blog

So, overview of life between Scotland and now.

After Edinburgh, I got on a choo choo train and peaced out of Scotland to go to London. I disembarked at Kings Cross, because, I mean, Harry Potter. Went through Platform 9 3/4. It was pretty much the best. Then a taxi took me to my hostel. The hostel was pretty lame and had poor wifi.

Next day, I went and wandered around London. I saw some stuff. I was like, "Oh, hey, Big Ben. What's up?" Big Ben didn't reply, because it's a clock. Westminster Abbey was there, but I didn't go in. I wandered around until I found Buckingham Palace. There were a lot of people standing around. I didn't know why, but I had nothing better to do with my life, so I joined them. I think that it was for the changing of the guards. There were horses. And a marching band. That's all I know. The palace has nice gates.

OH OH OH. And then. And then, I found a park. And it was a lovely park. But it was even lovelier when I found the squirrels. I found them in the park, and they touched me. I was touched by two squirrels. I don't think you understand how the best thing in life is being touched by a squirrel. I mean, squirrels.

Then, I finally got to ride my ferris wheel. I've been trying all year to ride a ferris wheel. So, I paid nine million dollars to go up in the London Eye. On a scale of one to ten, it was mediocre.

I found an arcade and played some arcade games. I had no one with whom to play air hockey, so it was a sad day. And, of course, I found a phone booth in London and dialed 62442.

Then, on the next day, I got on a bus and went to Stonehenge. So, that happened. Then that tour bus took me to Bath, England, where I ate a croque madame. And it was faaaaaaaabulous. Oh, and there was a guy there painted like a statue. He had bird food, and all the pigeons were chilling with him. He handed me a handful of bird food, and I got to hold a one footed pigeon. It was pretty much my favorite part of life.

Oh! And the next day, I figured out how to work the London Underground. It goes directly to Heathrow Airport and is probably the most convenient public transportation system ever. So then I flew back to Dublin, hooray.

So, I went to Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. It was cold and windy, but I would rate the experience as worth it.

Then I went to Killarney on a choo choo train. I met up with my 'Mericans and we went to a wine and art festival. By "wine and art festival," I mean "pay 20 euro to drink all the wine and eat all the cheese festival." So, we did that. I ate a lot of cheese. Drank a lot of wine. Bought a painting. Drew a picture of a Christmas tree and won a basket of foodstuffs. AAAAAAAAAAWW YEAH.

And we also went on a hike in nature and found a castle. So, that was pretty cool.

Then it was the Christmas outing for the staff at my school. We went to some French restaurant. I still haven't decided if I liked it or not. The secretary kept trying to force me to drink wine the entire dinner. Then everyone was buying me drinks afterwards at the pub. Then they took me to a nightclub. I simultaneously enjoyed and hated it. There were too many people and they kept pushing. But there were some songs that you just haaaave to dance to, and I mean, you can't be hateful when you're dancing. I think that's a contradiction of terms. What I learned is that while in 'Merica, you could potentially be dismissed from a teaching job if news got around that you were being publicly intoxicated, in Ireland, you go out with the staff from your school to get publicly intoxicated.

Now, children, I'll be home in a hot second.

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