Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Let me teach you Irish.

Mna = women. Pretend that you're going to sing the song about manamana do do do do do, but stop at "mana." BAM. You've just said women.

Fir = men. In Dublinland, they say it like "fur," but I've been told that it can be more like "fear" elsewhere.

Amach = out. Don't uh-mock me.

Isteach = in. This one is said kind of like iss-jock. But the "j" is more /tch/-y and less /j/-y. A mixture of the two.

Suas = up. Like Dr. Seuss, only with more "us" at the end. Only a little bit more, though. Not quite "sue us." Because, please, do not sue us. Just Seuss with a bit more.

Síos = down. She-us. But again, only a little bit of "us." We're not close enough to have too much "us."

Fáilte = welcome. Fall tchuh.

Bainne = milk. Pretend that you're a snooty rich person or that you speak with some accent that pronounces all "a"s like the a in "father." Then go tell a cow, "I'm gonna ban ya from this field." You kind of just told the cow that you're going to milk it from the field... Of course, I think that there might be a different word for the verb form of milk.... (bahn-yuh)

Now go welcome some women to sit down and drink milk in the men's room before going out.

Because that's what you can do with that list of words I've given you.

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