Thursday, September 27, 2012

Things I Miss

Here is a list of things I miss (in no specific order).

  • Theodore Bear
  • My Big Black Dog and his stupid dog face and how he's stupid and dumb and a dog. And the way that his ears go forward when you taunt him with a treat. And when he decides that he should sit on my lap, and I know I shouldn't let him, but I do anyway. And playing the game where I only move when he's not looking. And the game where I spin a towel around his head and he gets really excited.
  • Mad dance parties (specifically going to see Sneaky Gene shows)
  • Skyrim
  • My job
  • Pumpkin deliciousness in or around my mouth
  • Polar Bear and Agnetha from work and all of the other animals
  • Bruno, who was this dog that we saw the other weekend in Listowel. He was a good man.
  • 90 degree weather
  • My hula hoop
  • Stores that stay open past 6 p.m.
  • My tie-dye skirt. And the dress, too. Oh, and my brown hoodie.
  • My car that I can drive whenever I choose and I don't have to wait for a bus

Ireland doesn't have those things. Well, except for the dog that was in Listowel. And there are some stores that are open past 6, but they're not readily accessible.

Man, my blog posts are really deteriorating.

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